The Tree That Visited NYC for the holidays

A Film about a Big Tree from a Happy Valley


BlueWhiteTV will be there every step of the way to accompany Happy Valley's most famous tree from State College, PA

to New York City where it will be crowned the 85th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree of 2017!

A Big Tree.jpg

An evergreen story reminding us all,     no matter who you are or where you come from, be proud of yourself and    the place you call home...


On November 9, 2017 a tall and broad Norway Spruce located in an otherwise inconspicuous yard in State College, PA began a journey from relative anonymity  to become the most famous  tree in America. On November 29, it will be lit for the world to see and become the   85th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

This film project is for children and children-at-heart. It is the story of how a tree from  a town commonly known as “Happy Valley” can go from a simple standing pine to a symbol of hope  and  unity for millions.

BlueWhiteTV is excited to be commissioned by The Central PA Convention and Visitors Bureau to document this once in a lifetime event by way of a short film scheduled to air statewide on PCN (Pennsylvania Cable Network) December 24th at 10am and on DVD.

For as little as $50, your family or your business can become a sponsor of the broadcast! The film will be shown statewide on PCN, December 24th at 10am. 

Local singer / songwriter, Hannah Richardson, will contribute two of her original songs to the film! Find out more about Hannah on her website and download her album, Chasing Rainbows, on iTunes!


Every year, one tree stands above all others. This year, it comes from the heart of Pennsylvania.

From small town to big city. Happy Valley's most famous tree arrives at Rockefeller Center.